2017 Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools Conference

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Concurrent Presentation Abstracts

Please see below the Concurrent Session Abstracts for the 2017 APACS National Conference.

Thursday, 5th October 2017

Concurrent Session 1

Responsible Digital Citizens: Engage Positively; Know Your Online World; Choose Consciously
Dr Margaret Anne Carter
James Cook University, QLD

Problem/Situational Analysis: A framework for Structured Practice
Terence Edwards
Massey University, NZ

What to Do When Students Disengage: Values, Behaviours and Motivations to Enhance Engagement in Schools
Dr Terence Bowles
University of Melbourne, VIC

Six­Star Student Wellbeing Survey: A Universal Wellbeing Screening Tool for Schools and Students Anthony Klarica
Elite Performance, VIC
Merv Jackson
RMIT University

Concurrent Session 2

Accessing Social Media  Profiles to Gain  Information When  Counselling  Adolescent Clients.  What are the  Boundaries?
Mardi Frost
St Andrews Lutheran College, QLD

Dealing With Bullying  and Other Schoolyard  Behaviour Using a  'Boundary­Focus';  Taking Control and  Responsibility
George Dieter
Axiom Psychological Services. NSW

Misdiagnosis and Multiple Diagnoses:  Importance of Careful  and Accurate  Diagnosis in Complex  Cases
Sandra Groves
Department of Education and Training, VIC

Concurrent Session 3

Recognition and  Response to Mental Illness: Brief In­Service  training for Teachers
Dr Danuta Chessor
Western Sydney University, NSW

Systemic Applications  in School Psychology  (Or, Why School  Psychologists  Shouldn't See Kids)
Paul Russell
Association of Independent Schools, WA

Mental Health in Students from Refugee backgrounds: The Milpera State High School Experience
Yan Lam Ng
Queensland University of Technology, QLD

Development of the  Career Decision  Battery: A Student Tailored Measurement  and Implications for  Career Counselling
Dr Peter Yang
National Chiayi University, TW

Friday, 6th October 2017

Concurrent Session 1

Growth Mindset:  How Our  Perception of  Intelligence  Influences Our  Motivation
Hendy Kurniawan
Department of Education, NSW

Motivation and  Behaviour: Know  What You’re  Doing When You  Give a “Reward”  and Design  Systems
Jennifer Payne

School Teams to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing
Stella Rogers
Department of Education

Using WJ IV test  Batteries for SLD  Diagnosis and  Intervention  Planning
Walter Howe
Psychological Assessments Australia

Concurrent Session 2

Understanding  and Improving  Memory:  Principles for  Teaching to  Increase  Retention
Hendy Kurniawan
Department of Education, NSW

Creating a Cultural Shift that Impacts Mental Health and Wellbeing
Lauren Vaughan, Hunter New England Local Health District, NSW
and Jenna McKeown, Department of Education NSW

Teacher Attitudes and Parent Experiences in Relation to Early Childhoos Giftedness and Early Entry
Mimi Wellisch
Clever Kids Consultancy

Concurrent Session 3

School  Psychologist’s  Role in  Supporting  Transgender  Students in  School
Coosje Griffiths and Jocinta Russon
School Statewide Services Complex Learning and Wellbeing, Department of Education, WA

Proposing the  Creation of: The APACS  Psychology into  Practice Interest  Group
Dr Terence Bowles
University of Melbourne, VIC

Attention to Sleep: A Holistic Approach to School Counselling
Wendy Finck
University of Melbourne, VIC

Neuroscience:  Insights Leading  into New Ways of  Approaching our  “Wellbeing”
Ken McDonald
St Paul’s School, QLD

Working With People Who Self Injure - Non-Suicidal Self Injury
Garry King
Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, QLD

Concurrent Session 4

Sleep Education  Package:  Treatment   Evaluation and  the Need to  Disseminate to  Teachers
Michael Gradisar
Flinders University, VIC

Concurrent Session 5

Study Without  Stress: An  Evidence­Based  Program For  Managing Stress  in the Final High  School Year
Associate Professor Viviana Wuthrich
Centre for Emotional Health, Department of Psychology, Macquarie University, NSW

Enabling and Promoting School Staff Wellbeing in Australian Rural and Remote Schools
Liz Kent and Sarah Harrower
Kimberly School Psychology Service, WA

A Real World  Example and  Recommendations  for Understanding  and Improving  School Counselling
Dr Matt O’Connor
St Peter’s Lutheran College, QLD

Mindfulness and Managing Your  Energy
Cholena Orr
PAC Executive Coaching

Grade Repetition as an Early  Intervention  Practice: Is There  an Alternative?
Dr Robyn Anderson
James Cook University, Singapore

Concurrent Session 6

Cultivating the Expression of  Wellbeing Dispositions  in Education: Using  Pedagogy Inspired by  Material Engagement  Theory
Jacqueline Ranatunga
James Cook University, QLD

From Ill­being to Wellbeing:  Incorporating  Wellbeing into   Programs, Pedagogy  and Practice at PLC  Perth
Laura Allison
PLC Perth, WA

Nirje’s Theory of Integration: Helping to  Promote Wellbeing,  Inclusion and  Educational  Engagement
Paul Pagliano
James Cook University, QLD

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach – Tier 2,  Online, Adaptive and  Evidence Based  Individual Reading  Intervention
Walter Howe
Psychological Assessments Australia, NSW


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